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the school that holds the biggest bunch of ball munching faggots the world has ever known
Do you know that kid. Yeah he goes to tomball memorial high school. he's a faggot
by lil chrissy November 13, 2011
A school filled with ass munching flamers who considered themselves badasses, some of us call these sorts of people inbred nigger shits (Or maybe that's just me.) Most people dislike this type of person very much, they are the sort of person you would gladly mutilate and push slowly through a cheese grater while lighting their manginas on fire.
You Tomball Memorial High School?
Yeah Man, what about it?
I would gladly run every single person's nutsack through a cheese grater. (Don't worry that's only if you go to Tomball Memorial High School)
by THE JEW BASHER November 14, 2011

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