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Having sex with a girl or guy who has extremely red hair. Too red by normal standards.
I had tomato sex with some random girl the other night.
I know I could spot her from a mile away.
by cklbmc February 08, 2011
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This definition is written for Austin. Tomato Sex is the act of taking two people, preferably Kayleigh and Katrina, and a bag of tomatoes. Cut it in the left abdomen above the seed sack but not too deep or this process will fail you you greatly. Then take the small black steak knife and poke in and out of the vagina shaped tomato. This will be causing the tomato to juice and make the plate or whatever surface your operating on very wet. Then you take salt and add it to the juices, making a sperm-like liquid, thats much less thick. Then you lick it all up. Like a jizzbitch. Nom nom. WE LOVE YOU AUSTIN. :)

-Kayleigh and Katrina
January 24,
Katrina: "Dude Kayleigh"
Kayleigh: "What?"
Katrina: "-Starts to penetrate tomato with knife-"
by Kayleigh G. and Katrina G. January 24, 2009
Sexual intercourse that occurs after a long day in the sun. Both parties typically resemble tomatoes due to the burnt, swollen nature of their skin.
"After a long day at the beach Jenny and I went home to have tomato sex, we could barely move because of the burns."
by I had tomato sex yesterday May 23, 2009

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