Guitarist/Singer from band McFly! Amazing guy with Natz as his biggest fan!
Beth: Natz hunny, Tom ist over there...
Natz: *dies*
by Beth Willis-Poynter January 21, 2004
Top Definition
amazingly talented musician from a band called mcfly.
i mean, this man can do it all.
he sings, writes music, plays guitar and the piano.
tom is also very attractive, and is a favorite of perez hilton!
he started mcfly after auditioning for 'Busted' and being rejected.
Whoever rejected tom, must feel like a dickhead now.

ayee tom fletcher, i love that boyyy.
by mclaura October 21, 2007
Tom Fleatcher is the main songwriter in the new hot band McFly brought up by Busted!
Tom Fleatcher co wrote most of the tracks on busteds album "A Preastent For Everyone"
by rachel January 21, 2004
Tom Fletcher is a guitarist/singer in McFly that hides many interesting and beneficial qualities behind his calm composure. His claim to fame through McFly is only a small portion of The Amazing running through his blood. Tom’s heart is as good as gold and his kindness and generosity portrays him as a positive role-model to some of the band’s younger fans. Tom’s uniquely geeky sense of humor and intelligence separates him from the stereotypical idea of a pop star, therefore widening people’s eyes and opening their minds to a new version of the status quo.

All in all, there should be more Tom Fletcher’s in the world.
Person1: Who's the fourth member of McFly again? The blonde singer?
Person2: Oh that's Tom Fletcher. I'm surprised you didn't know.
Person1: Why?
Person2: Because he's made of Amazing.
by Ringoisastarr August 07, 2009
He is the one of the lead vocals for McFly, MOST AMAZING BAND IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! he is cute. he got a new haircut and looks cuter than ever. but must admit not hotter than my love danny jones. but all mcfly boys are sexy
TOM FLETCHER,,,, I suck at example
but he is halourious
by ELLENLOVESMCFLY August 25, 2008
Tom Fletcher is the Blonde/Brown haired, 5'9 rhythm guitarist/sing in the band McFLY He's 21 as of this year (woo!) and is Morgan's Boyfriend. :) He has a little sister and is an amazing artist. He's friends with busted and use to have brown hair. He was naked in the music video Please Please which clearly shows that HE IS NOT FAT! He actually has a nice body.
Wow! Tom Fletcher is so fit. I wish I was his girlfriend like morgan is!
by Mechanical Maids December 29, 2006
the fat one from mcfly whose life would be made a lot better/easier/more enjoyable/happier if his name was changed to Janith.
Janith. Janith. Janith.
by calrer00lz December 22, 2004
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