tom cruise acts like a douche off screen constantly, plus i think he is suffering from reality angst, which we are suffering from. get this guy on drug for fuck's sake

tom is a douche
cruise is a bag
tom cruise = major douchebag
by xvxununun October 10, 2006

Hollywood dwelling Sciencetologist creature that jumps on couches and spawns deformed children.
"Damn! Tom Cruise was really good in Rain Man!"

"Yeah, but ever sense he started banging Katie Holms and couches, I must say that he sucks ass."
by I swear to drunk, I'm not God! October 25, 2006
I'm in love (yippee!!!) and I hate psychiatrists (fucking nut jobs, all of them, ALL OF THEM), who are out to control the world (trembles for a few moments) and drop hydrogen bombs on everybody (BIG ones, yeahhh). Hey, have you seen my girlfriend? (BOINNNGGG!!) I'm wild! You're cool, too! (Pulls hair out, laughs.) No, seriously? Oh. (Grows sullen.) Oh. (Grows REALLY sullen.) Oh. Why would you want to do that to me? No, seriously, why would you want to do that to me? Why? Why? Why would you want to do that to me? (Jumps up on couch, pulls dramatic stance, couch falls backward, he crawls up to kneel on the front of the seat.) They've hated me ever since I played a veteran of the Great Galactic War between the Thetans and the Engrammatised Ones. (Goes boggle-eyed, cackles, shrieks ...,) We're all going to be bigger than Oprah! (YAY!) And it makes me sick, you know that? Why isn't everyone looking at me RIGHT NOW? And you know what? I'm NOT GAY!!! Mimi! Ha! Nicole! Ha! Penelope! Ha! Katie, aww, KATIIEEE!!! Ha-haaaaaaaaaaaa! Here, I can lick my own balls, seriously. Just watch me ... (Licks own balls, audience stampede out of the auditorium.)
The above was a party political broadcast on behalf of Tom Cruise.
by Fearman April 16, 2008
v. to act like a complete dick, to believe oneself to be God's gift to mankind, to be arrogant mixed with retardation.
- often abreviated to TC.
Quote: "To Tom Cruise or not to Tom Cruise that is the dusch bag's question."

Man 1: My neigbor has be TC'n it to much lately.
Man 2: Yo man I'll suplex him if he be TC'n to much
by John Faucett June 09, 2008
1. an actor who visited South Park and ended up getting stuck in a closet along with Sylvester Stalone, he refused to come out of the closet so the south park police were forced to come and try to get him out of the closet.

but going out of the closet was tough, since R.Kelly visited the scene and started singing "trapped in the closet" while pulling his handgun out...R.Kelly also is stuck in the closet

2. the same actor that was stuck in the closet who is held responsible for the disaster on film called Mission Impossible III
Officer Barbrady: Come out of the closet Tom Cruise!!

Tom Cruise: not getting out of the closet
by tha truth teller October 03, 2006
A person in denial; one who places money over integrity. SEE: closet homosexuals
"I can't understand why he won't come out of the closet- what a tom cruise"
by Lillylyd November 11, 2006
A person who is thought to be retarded.
Did u know Tom Cruise was "Special"?
by HansGioLoy21 October 02, 2010

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