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A honkey who eats placenta, believes in Scientology, listens to trance, jumps on couches, is a Hollywood actor, likes art and architecture, plays soccer, drives a Hyundai, and is unathletic because he is white.
Tom Cruise has not yet come out of the closet.
by J-Smoove May 22, 2006
128 83
Gay and crazy homosexual
Tom Cruise is exceptionally homosexual
by Masterstyle October 12, 2006
83 39
A mediocre actor and all around whack job who enjoys cult activities, and most definitely loves the cock
*insert anything tom cruise has said in the past 9 months here*
by Odium43 May 16, 2006
90 49
Verb- the act of pretending to know more about a subject than one actually does.
Dude, don't tom cruise me on cellular biology, cause i know you don't know shit about it.
by Zach Dierks November 30, 2006
63 28
He's had some good movies before, but now he's turned into a fucking Scientology fundamentalist nut on the ranks of Pat Robertson and Osama Bin Laden.
Person A: What the fuck is wrong with Tom Cruise?

Person B: Oh. He believes in that entire bullshit story about Lord Xenu, thetans, etc.
by anonymous6812 April 07, 2008
51 18
A threat to couches around America.
Tom Cruise has a happy smile.
by sukebe December 01, 2006
74 43
tom cruise acts like a douche off screen constantly, plus i think he is suffering from reality angst, which we are suffering from. get this guy on drug for fuck's sake

tom is a douche
cruise is a bag
tom cruise = major douchebag
by xvxununun October 10, 2006
60 30