1) Slang term for someone who believes all medicine should be avoided and only natural remedies should be used.

2) Slang for someone who is obviously trying to be someone that he isn't.

3) Slang for someone who is definately hiding something.

1) Don't go all Tom Cruise on me now; take some asprin for your headace.

2) Jumping on your mamma's couch like that, you are Tom Cruise-ing man!

3) I'm not gay. I ain't no Tom Cruise.
by TiEmmeS January 25, 2006
The guy who proposes to Katie Holmes and tries to convert oprah to scientology by movieng right next to her 50 million dollar estate. Oprah is way too cool for tom cruise's nonsence.
Tom Cruise is an idiot for thinking Oprah would convert religions.
by crAnKy SpanKy September 21, 2005
Fag scientologist, who jumps on couches, and can't make fun of his religion. he is a horrible actor and the only good movies he has been in is War of the Worlds and Mission Impossible 1, he needs to loosen up and understand that aliens are not controlling us...........god is
Tom Cruise is a homo
by 73849 April 16, 2006
The most overrated actor ever; a complete moronic ass-hat douchebag of epic proportions. Undeniably and completely insane, a self-proclaimed scientologist who will pull any publicity stunt to avert attention from the fact that he is wholly a flaming homosexual. These stunts (such as stating he would eat Katie Holmes' placenta at the time of their daughter's birth, etc., etc.) have served to all but ruin his career to the point that only Oprah is tool enough to allow him to appear on her show. His is a classic case of maniacal insanity.
Hey Mike, you want to watch Top Gun?
Hell no Jeff! You really wanna watch that Tom Cruise fruitloop
pulling on a flight yoke in a Liberace reacharound fantasy???
Get the fu*k outta here!!
by Ill Bill B Illin' August 31, 2007
a. welcome to mindhead
b. can be seen on tv jumping on top of couches
c. believes psychiatry is phoney
d. rose to stardom after sock sliding in his underwear
didn't know he was in that vampire movie until two years later.
by animal_muppet August 08, 2005
A mediocre actor and all around whack job who enjoys the occasional brain-washing, and taking it up the ass
*insert anything that Tom Cruise has said in the past 10 months*
by Odium43 May 28, 2006
Verb. To jump up and down on a couch overly excited by something, often a person of the opposite sex. The person who Tom Cruises is usually considered an idiot.
When Allie realized that Jim had come to the party, she started Tom Cruise-ing until we had to call the 911 to calm her down.
by SiLvEr STARSx May 19, 2006
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