An overrated actor who specializes in couch jumping, promoting $cientology and painting himself into corners with his lies and contradictions. Has had several high profile sham weddings and relationships to hide the fact that he is a homosexual.
Wow, look at Tom Cruise's new mop-top haircut. He looks like John Lennon, only with less dignity.
by Marshall Rousso September 13, 2006
An actor whose work has been called 'less then Napoleon Dynamite'.
Why won't Tom Cruise come out of the closet?
by Jason Marak713 April 14, 2011
Antonymous of Chuck Norris; indicates cowardice, tactlessness, one-dimensional thinking and lack of restraint.
"Jeez, way to kick the kitten! That was so Tom Cruise of you!"
by Humptulips November 25, 2009
Just plain super crazy
tom cruise is super crazy
by Kevin flet May 20, 2007
synonym for stupid ass scientologist mother fucker; really gay actor who stared in top gun; synonym for gay
tom cruise is a cock monger
tom cruise come out of the closet
fuck you tom cruise
by Poopeater December 21, 2006
Played Anne Rices Lestat perfectly. Much better than that Stuart Townsend hack.
Tom Cruise played the Vampire Lestat perfectly in Interview with the Vampire.
by Traveling Bob July 30, 2006
A closet furry who does an exceptionally well job at hiding his inner furfag.
Person A: "Jesus, that kid that you're friends with might be a Tom Cruise!"

Person B: "Don't say that shit when he's around here!"
by Sylandrophol March 09, 2016
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