the act of seducing a girl into having rough sex with you, this act is only possible if you are a scientologist, extremely good looking, have charm, or are just a bad ass.
"Im Tom Cruise lets bang"
"Blame it on Tom Cruise"
by lang.gwai.lo April 26, 2013
To go into a state of temporary insanity and to jump around and uncontrollably yell out a lie like "I love Katie Holmes!" while in a public place. Often happens because of self denial or following stupid cults see scientology
man #1 Man, I love that Katie Holmes
man #2 Oh no, you must be having a Tom Cruise, quickly, get him before he starts jumping around!
by the retarded dictionary August 10, 2008
What Brendan Wilson calls his penis.
I want that Tom Cruise inside me.
by crunkthatjunk April 14, 2009
The funny, crazy, sexy, weird, dorky, young looking, famous, to die for actor. People want to stab the living shit out of him, mostly people who never even met him,
but I'd feel like the luckiest girl in da world if I ever got a chance to steal a kiss from him.
"I fucking hate Tom Cruise, he's fucking stupid."

"Your point?"

"He's a fucking weirdo."

"HA! Your just jealous you dumb fuck."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Fuck you."

"No way."
by lemmexeatxdaxfishy!! March 18, 2007
4ft 2' tall actor brainwashed into scientology. His film characters have a continuing theme that can be broken down into 3 clearly identifiable segments:

1)Beginning - He is the best at what he does (such as flying planes or driving cars)

2)Middle - Has a crisis of confidence (such as a friend dying) but meets love interest who helps him.

3)Ending - Pulls through it and returns to being the best at what he does (such as being a pilot).

Tom Cuise is now perhaps most famous for his sham marriage to Katie Holmes and being a couch jumping Scientologist who doesn't like being squirted with water.
Richard: I saw a Tom Cruise film last night

James: Which one?

Richard: I can't remember exactly, it started with him being the best at what he did, he had a crisis of confidence, but pulled through it in the end.

James: Well that doesn't narrow it down at all!

Richard: Y-You're a jerk, you're a jerk!
by Jim Birtwisle February 05, 2008
An actor. Thats it. An actor. OKAY? WHATEVER/
Tom Cruise is gay.
by READINGISFUN October 24, 2007
One of the most misunderstood male actors out there. The most succesfull movie star of all time. Known for his handsome face and his big box office scores.
Tom Cruise is very misunderstood, but he's movies will always stay as good as they once were.
by Cindy?8 January 09, 2009
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