A combination of vacation and convention at sea aboard a luxury oceanliner where all of the on-board tourists are either Scientologists, closet homosexuals, or adoring fans of the actor with the same name.
Erick chose to attend the "How to Marry a Beard" symposium on the annual Tom Cruise and also signed up for other seminar topics such as "Discrediting Psychiatry", "Artificial Insemination for the Squeamish", "Kissing Nicole Kidman: Just Close Your Eyes and Think of Gomer Pyle", "Repeat After Me: This is Not a Cult. This is Not a Cult. This is Not a Cult.", and "Jerry McGuire: Sports Agent or Locker Room Meat Inspector?".

As the date of the annual Tom Cruise draws near, The Beckham's vibrate with excitement, as do assorted AC/DC types, and "Top Gun" freaks.

It's a fact: No citizen of Germany has ever sailed on a Tom Cruise.
by Buzz Writeyear January 26, 2008
Tom Cruise is a used douche bag.

Enough said.
Woman 1: What are you going to do with your Tom Cruise?

Woman 2: Not sure I might just throw it away because it sucks.
by Sara Heyn August 19, 2008
A crazy-ass mother fucker who would sue for any reason possible.
"Hey, is that fudge-packer Tom Cruise?" - Mr. Garrison

by Want a Pickle? April 16, 2010
A queer man who practices Scientology and will, in fact, hide in your closet if you say his acting isn't the best. And he won't come out right away.
Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet.
by laureenoluv March 24, 2010
Those poos that just refuse to come out.
Sorry I'm late boss. Had to let out a Tom Cruise.
by Blacksun666 July 01, 2010
the man who invented pink
im tom cruise and im a douchebag
by andrew osullivan December 03, 2006
Tom Cruise tom krooz
1. A person or persons who refuses to admit they are homosexual.
2. The act of hiring a homosexual prostitute.
1. That Michelle Rodriguez is a real Tom Cruise,she should get with Ellen.

2. I think I will go on a tom cruise,because I need some gay lovin.
by BookerP November 06, 2006

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