A honkey who eats placenta, believes in Scientology, listens to trance, jumps on couches, is a Hollywood actor, likes art and architecture, plays soccer, drives a Hyundai, and is unathletic because he is white.
Tom Cruise has not yet come out of the closet.
by J-Smoove May 22, 2006
Gay and crazy homosexual
Tom Cruise is exceptionally homosexual
by Masterstyle October 12, 2006
A mediocre actor and all around whack job who enjoys cult activities, and most definitely loves the cock
*insert anything tom cruise has said in the past 9 months here*
by Odium43 May 16, 2006
Verb- the act of pretending to know more about a subject than one actually does.
Dude, don't tom cruise me on cellular biology, cause i know you don't know shit about it.
by Zach Dierks November 30, 2006
He's had some good movies before, but now he's turned into a fucking Scientology fundamentalist nut on the ranks of Pat Robertson and Osama Bin Laden.
Person A: What the fuck is wrong with Tom Cruise?

Person B: Oh. He believes in that entire bullshit story about Lord Xenu, thetans, etc.
by anonymous6812 April 07, 2008
Tom Cruise is one of the only two actors to have seven consecutive $100 million plus blockbusters on their resume. Further, Forbes ranked Cruise as the most powerful celebrity in 2006. Obviously, Tom could never get these numbers and the associated prestige without being a fan favorite. However, beginning sometime in the early 2000s, it became somewhat fashionable to hate Tom Cruise.

Tom is also notorious for being a "midget", although he really isn't (at 5'7", he stands roughly the same height as the ever popular Joaquin Phoenix). Unfortunately, Tom fell in love with an exceptionally tall woman, 5'9" Katie Holmes, who is 5" taller than the average woman in the U.S. Katie sometimes wears 3" heels, which brings her height to 6'. This dramatic difference really does make poor Tom look like a midget.

In short, Tom used to be a popular actor as evidenced by his numerous blockbuster hits. He was even named People's Sexiest Man Alive in 1990. However, at some point he seems to have been brainwashed and is now a raving lunatic who practices the myth of scientology. There are disturbing reports of him cannibalizing Katie’s placenta, too.
Guy 1: Does Tom Cruise really drink toilet water?
Guy 2: I heard that Tom drinks out of the toilet because he can't reach the sink.
by HuskyFan86 May 09, 2007
A threat to couches around America.
Tom Cruise has a happy smile.
by sukebe December 01, 2006
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