1. To tip the dealer in a casino game. This is usually done when you win a pot.

2. To take a hit of marijuana.
1. You really should toke the dealer if you win that hand.

2. Pass the spliff after you've had a toke.
by swank divo August 22, 2007
To jerk off while smoking weed and either chatting or posting online. Porn may be involved in unison with chatting or posting.
K, i'm token right now;

Brb guys gotta toke.
by MySide October 17, 2009
inhailing from a spliff/joint/bong etc.usually done in threes ie a 3 toke pass, but best when you dont have to count.
you already had 3 tokes , pass it to the left dude
by lofty September 29, 2005
1)To take a hit from a bong / shoty sp? or a drag on a spliff.
2)To do so on a regular basis
1)- Toke on that shit
2)- Do you toke?
- You know it
by Stoner 04231 November 25, 2003
A word commonly used by people to say that they smoked marijuana. Most often used by people who think that they're pretty cool for being involved with the hobby, or are that guy that no one really wants to smoke with.
Dudes, I toked like hell today and listened to Pink Floyd. It was such an intense experience.
by Reginald Candyflipper February 14, 2006
the action of not once but consantly sucking in marijauna like one after anthor....suck suck suck ahahah
i like to smoke smoke smoke lots of marijauna i like to toke toke toke allll theee timeee
by ILIKETOOOOOOOOOO April 18, 2005
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