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Epic. Someone who is so epic that epic just fails to describe them. Someone who is so epic that they make Barry White sound like a little girl.
Dude that cleric is so tojop! slurp, slurp

Dude your mom was so tojop last night, I came five times!

Did you see that guy grinding on spiders? It was so tojop!
by Drunken_Chu April 29, 2010
A homosexual male that sounds like Barry White over the phone. He also admits that he is fail in every way of life even more so while having sex with his non existent girlfriend.
Holy crap did you meet that guy last night?

Yeah he turned out to be a total tojop.
by endgamesekks April 29, 2010
A person who is so fail that fail cant describe how fail they really are. there so fail in fact they fail at life while sounding like berry white.
that loser is such a tojop.

that douche bag is such a tojop in bed.
by bodinePWI April 30, 2010
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