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a little skinny radioactive jap bastard with over 3 gigabites of hardcore porn on his comp.
Toji masturbates incessantly
by joe shmoe February 26, 2003
Commonly used by WWII veterans to describe the Japanese soldiers in the Pacific. "Toji" translates to "cowardly" in the Japanese language, used by Americans because of their cowardice and willingness to surrender.
"I socked the Toji in the face when he dropped his gun after mowing down my men."
by Nathan Barker February 26, 2003
A small male member of the week japanease society who is often enagaged in sexual behaiviors with a dominant more overpowering female.
Hey cud, that for qwigout must be that Toji you be alwayz hearin about, cud.
by Kevin Steven Mandich February 26, 2003
love slave
There are many toji's in vietnam.
by MerC February 26, 2003
v. to clean the outer reaches of the vaginal area of ones enormous mistress.
See ya later, im gonna go toji my mom.
by eatmefatbitchwhore February 28, 2003
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