Someone who is with it; Buff with a hit of charm
You are very toit... like a Tiger
by Kodora September 29, 2003
Top Definition
different pronunciation for "tight"

that was f*kin toit
by Gordhan October 01, 2003
By far, the greatest word ever spoken. A variation of the word tit, which of course is short for "titty." For some people, a toit isn't simply one of 2 sacks of fat resting on a woman's chest, but rather it is a way of life.

Toit can be used to not only describe a pair of boobies, but it can be used interchangeably with every word in the dictionary, similar to the word "fuck"

Common usage:

Kevin: Damn dude that girl is dank.
Jacob: Holy shit look at her toits!


Cof: Man its windy. I am freezing my toits off!

Alternate Usages:

Jacob: Ahhhhh TOITS!!! i didnt do my homework. Fuck it im a senior!


Mark: Our dodgeball team just kicked the TOITS out of that pussy team. I nailed that freshman straight in the TOITS.


William: Dude i got caught jacking off to desperate housewives. and there's a video of it.
Mark: Wow. How guilTOITS, are you.
William: What is guilTOITS?
Mark: a variation of the word guilty, except way fucking cooler.


Jacob: there are no girls at this party. mark, call up some toits.
Mark: ah, i love toits.

by i love toits March 29, 2009
A token, such as a poker chip or shot glass, given to an individual who pays for a drink in advance; the patron gives the token to the bartender when he/she is ready for the drink; short for "when I get to it"
Hey bartender, can I have a bud light and a to-it?
by mtltv1765 February 27, 2013
to be a martian
Eric: dude look at tate
Joe: yea he looks weird today
Eric:yea he looks like a complete toit today
by Moderk October 19, 2011
To walk in a leisurely manner, as in a saunter.
Cristina went for a toit around the neighborhood prior to dinner with other members of her toiters' club.
by ToitingQueen December 02, 2010
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