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Rite of passage for a young pledge rushing a fraternity. The pledge must stand barefoot in a toilet while industrial-sized buckets of ice cold water are ceremoniously dumped on the head and body by a large group of junior and senior members of the frat.
Some fraternities make their pledges go toilet surfing during Hell Week.
by Robb H. July 05, 2006
51 8
Accessing the internet on a laptop while going #2 on the toilet
Steven was so busy he went toilet surfing so he wouldn't waste time
by toilet-surfer May 07, 2008
21 6
Toilet surfing is what happens when you go to sit on a toilet seat that has loosened up over time. As you place all of your weight on it the seat slips to the side giving you an unexpected "ride". You must surf this ride or else land on the floor!
One guy to another on his way out of the public bathroom:
"Duuuude, don't use the 4th stall. I almost threw my back out doing some toilet surfing!"
by acmjojo July 08, 2013
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