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This act will only occur if the members of a party feel it is generally lacking in quality and/or excitement. Any equipment that can emit sound will then be taken into the nearest/most convinent toilet (most common devices are stereos and mp3 players) and the rave will begin.
"Dude this party is worse than poo nuggets, lets toilet rave."
"Sure, just let me get my i-Pod."
by internal October 18, 2006
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This is the art of raving in toilets. This is when a stereo, hi-fi or load speaker mp3 player is taken into the toilet. The participants will then engage in raving in the space of the toilet.

The enjoyment of this act is the fact that the participants are doing such an act in a unusual and claustrophobia area. Toilet Raving is usually performed when a party is mediocre or non enjoyable.
"This party is cockshanks, lets toilet rave!"
by Crumbs October 17, 2006

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