TOI! stands for twin on inside.
Used to describe two best friends who realize how similar on the inside they are, even though they look nothing alike on the outside. The ultimate fusion of one soul separated into two different bodies. People may become jealous of the power of the TOI! Yet no matter what, they stay strong. A TOI! may find that no matter what they say, do, wear and even think is similar to that of their TOI!
What oh my gosh, we're wearing the same dress! That's so TOI!
by SOI!TOI!'s6000 February 05, 2011
Top Definition
Misspelling of "to" immortalized by American professional StarCraft player Greg "IdrA" Fields in a bad mannered denunciation of an opponent to whom he had just lost a game.
you're really good at making carriers
very useful talent toi have
by hunterx11 October 21, 2009
Usually Asian, and short, someone who can be shy at times but once u get to know this person he is very energetic and crazy. He is someone who is usually very athletic. he is a very fun person to be around.
there is Toi.
by hockeykido June 03, 2014
a rare find, extremely unique
I've never seen a woman like that, shes a toi.
by Wilson April 20, 2005
means "I" in Vietnamese, hehe
toi dang an
means: I am eating
by Trang Nguyen March 21, 2006
A word you use when describing someone who is overweight.
"Hey Adam, look at felix he's so fat

"I know he's such a fucken Toi

You can also say Toi Boi (word meaning hes fat and a child)

"see that 10 year old, what a Toi Boi aye"
by thewordlegend February 22, 2010
Tits of interest.
Comes from the world of Navigation, where POI are points of interest.
James: Hey, what should we do?
Mikael: Pull up your phone and look up some TOIs.
by $vend December 08, 2009
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