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The main character of Fruits Basket, a wonderful anime/manga. She is very polite, but, sadly, has no parents and has to live with the Sohma family. (Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma)
Tohru Honda is my fave Fruits Basket character.

I hope Tohru and Yuki end up together.

Sucks to be you, Tohru and Kyo end up together.
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006
A girl from the series Fruits Basket/Furuba/Furutsu Basketto. She encounters the Sohma family and learns there curse. Her mother died in a car crash months before she learned of it so she decided to live with her grandfather. When her grandfather decided to move with her cousins, Tohru lived in a tent until the Sohma's found out. She is caring, un-selfish, and bubbly. In my opinion, she is a borderline Mary-Sue. She feeds of peoples pity for her and wants to make 'friends' Yeah right. She softens EVERYONES hearts and makes EVERYONE end up liking her. Including Akito and Hiro!
"Kyou- ah, Sohma-kun, anou..."
"I couldn't do anything... I feel that I'm the cause of her death.

What she REALLY means:
"Mwahaha, they love me. Everyone does... except for those Yuki fangirls...
by Twilly January 17, 2005

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