The 2nd most elite pro-gamer of all time, second only to redknob who has legions of fan-bois everywhere and I could never be as good as him.

He is my hero!
Damn, tofu's skillz are l33t
by Rissole October 12, 2004
zacrii is right about tofu having more protein and amino acids than meat. However, he forgot to mention that most of those proteins and amino acids are not in a form that humans can digest, since the soy from which tofu is made from is NOT fermented using the millenia-old Asian techniques of processing the beans, which also help neutralize the estrogen-like toxins that soy has. In addition, the soy products are acid washed in aluminum vats, which increases the risk of metal poisoning.

And for those who say that tofu is a meat substitute, remember that tofu does NOT contain Vitamin B-12, a nutrient found naturally in animal products and synthesized for supplement pills using microscopic animals.
Regardless of the bullshit that hippies and vegans spew, there is NOTHING natural about tofu. If you do not believe me, take a good look at the ingredients used to make it, the many processing methods of tofu, and the additives. Most of which are carcinogenic.
by sarcastic June 23, 2003
one level above styrafoam, one level below cardboard
you want me to eat tofu?!?
by Mutley the dog December 19, 1999
A cheese-like product made from mixing soy beans with Plaster of Paris. Now used in products that try to imitate meat.
I tried a Boca burger after hearing from the vegetarians that soy tofu is healthier than meat. Ever since I bit into that soy burger, I vowed never to be tricked by those vege-bastards again! Also, I had a hard time eating anything else after that because that horrible-tasting shit-for-a-burger left a metallic taste in my mouth for hours.
by AYB March 31, 2003
Miso is a fermented soy product which is safe to eat in small quantities. Tofu, however, should be avoided like the plague because there is NOTHING natural about it.
The hippie experienced death by tofu five years later.
by The Ploy of Soy July 05, 2003
stands for:

Food for

A white block made from soy beans. A substitute for meat. Tastes like a mix between cardboard and styrofoam.
It's easier and cheaper to eat meat than it is to eat and buy tofu!
Eating meat unethical? Give me a break, what about the poor cute little soybeans killed to make the Tofu?!
by Brick Wall December 26, 2004
My nick name. Because my name is too long. It came to being by my friends taking my name 'Saidhbhin' (which is pronounced sa-bean), changing it to 'Soybean' and then finally changing it to 'Tofu' (for tofu is made of soybeans)
Look at Tofu...She's such a Freak}.
by Tofu June 24, 2004

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