fake chicken aka padding to a bra
what are you today? uber tofo!
by just call me blond January 18, 2005
one level above styrafoam, one level below cardboard
you want me to eat tofu?!?
by Mutley the dog December 19, 1999
White food for white people
Black Girl: what are you eating?
White Girl:Tofu! it's good try some!

(Black Girl tires Tofu)
Black Girl: ewww! That Shit is nasty!
White Girl:Whatever. It's good
Black Girl:Come to my house after school, I'll give you some cornbread, Real food!
by mamag July 29, 2009
adj. Something which looks appealing and/or identical to something appealing, but is actually bland and synthesized.
"I hate tofu books, their plots are always so cliche."
by Hazel October 23, 2004
The 2nd most elite pro-gamer of all time, second only to redknob who has legions of fan-bois everywhere and I could never be as good as him.

He is my hero!
Damn, tofu's skillz are l33t
by Rissole October 12, 2004
The excuse for anything remotely food-like.
Woo! We're having tofu for dinner!
by GCG December 07, 2003
TOtally FOOlish
You drank that sour milk!? Damn girl, you Tofu!

That guy's dance last night was SO tofu!
by Sara RMBB July 22, 2008

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