zacrii is right about tofu having more protein and amino acids than meat. However, he forgot to mention that most of those proteins and amino acids are not in a form that humans can digest, since the soy from which tofu is made from is NOT fermented using the millenia-old Asian techniques of processing the beans, which also help neutralize the estrogen-like toxins that soy has. In addition, the soy products are acid washed in aluminum vats, which increases the risk of metal poisoning.

And for those who say that tofu is a meat substitute, remember that tofu does NOT contain Vitamin B-12, a nutrient found naturally in animal products and synthesized for supplement pills using microscopic animals.
Regardless of the bullshit that hippies and vegans spew, there is NOTHING natural about tofu. If you do not believe me, take a good look at the ingredients used to make it, the many processing methods of tofu, and the additives. Most of which are carcinogenic.
by sarcastic June 23, 2003
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bean curd, that is good with everything, meat for vegans
fried tofu...mmmm TASTY!
by BeeCee June 19, 2005
Bean curd most commonly ate by vegetarians. Even though it is a white, cheese-like block, it is a substitute for meat to non-carnivores. It is very high in protein and tastes delicious
Tofu is the perfect substitute for meat to a vegetarian, not to mention good-tasting and healthy.
by TuxifieD August 13, 2005
The white squarish lumps in your miso soup, Quite tasty.
Takasan tofu watashi-wa miso jodai.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003
bean curd that tastes good accompanied with italian dressing.
my cat stole some of my tofu
by xkilledxwithxaxsmilex December 24, 2003
A bean-curd that is created in Asia. Its tastes really good. Even tastes better in stews and/or kimchi
Tofu is perfect in stews or kimchi.
by Azn Man July 14, 2006
(noun)originally, a womans sexual flesh;
in Chinese and in dual Chinese-American culture, "tofu" refers to the flesh, particularly the sexual flesh;
in modern use, it is used by a man or a woman when one of them physically attempts to 'get some skin';
is a playful sexual term ; the Chinese and Chinese American version of "get some ass", or "cop a feel".
Man and a woman physically cloese, on a date or s/th, the man subtly tries to get his hand on the womans breast: the woman in this situation says playfully " Hey! Are you trying to eat my tofu?!"
In Chinese the expression is " Ni xiang chi wo tofu ma?!"
by taoteqingren December 16, 2007
(taboo) an offensive word used to describe a heterosexual man
All tofus are the same: squishy, unattractive and taste bad.
What's the tofu doing in a gay bar?
by PantheraTigrisTigris June 08, 2014

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