<noun> a person who does not like to engage in physical activity. They prefer to just sit & veg instead of moving around when you invite them to join you for activities.
<noun> When one is active & athletic, dating a TOFU can pose problems: You want to spend time together enjoying the great outdoors while he wants to sit on the couch and play DVD movies all night long!
by fitchickxina September 04, 2005
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bean curd, that is good with everything, meat for vegans
fried tofu...mmmm TASTY!
by BeeCee June 19, 2005
Bean curd most commonly ate by vegetarians. Even though it is a white, cheese-like block, it is a substitute for meat to non-carnivores. It is very high in protein and tastes delicious
Tofu is the perfect substitute for meat to a vegetarian, not to mention good-tasting and healthy.
by TuxifieD August 13, 2005
The white squarish lumps in your miso soup, Quite tasty.
Takasan tofu watashi-wa miso jodai.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003
A bean-curd that is created in Asia. Its tastes really good. Even tastes better in stews and/or kimchi
Tofu is perfect in stews or kimchi.
#tofu #food #asian #bean #curd
by Azn Man July 14, 2006
bean curd that tastes good accompanied with italian dressing.
my cat stole some of my tofu
by xkilledxwithxaxsmilex December 24, 2003
(noun)originally, a womans sexual flesh;
in Chinese and in dual Chinese-American culture, "tofu" refers to the flesh, particularly the sexual flesh;
in modern use, it is used by a man or a woman when one of them physically attempts to 'get some skin';
is a playful sexual term ; the Chinese and Chinese American version of "get some ass", or "cop a feel".
Man and a woman physically cloese, on a date or s/th, the man subtly tries to get his hand on the womans breast: the woman in this situation says playfully " Hey! Are you trying to eat my tofu?!"
In Chinese the expression is " Ni xiang chi wo tofu ma?!"
#tofu #abc #skin #ass #doufu #booty
by taoteqingren December 16, 2007
(taboo) an offensive word used to describe a heterosexual man
All tofus are the same: squishy, unattractive and taste bad.
What's the tofu doing in a gay bar?
#tof #straight #heterosexual #hetero #heterosexuality
by PantheraTigrisTigris June 08, 2014
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