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When you mean to type "to freakin' day" but your hands mistype.

Also used as an exclamation like "Top o'the mornin to ya!"

Tof Reknin Day to ya!
"I want my paycheck TO FREAKIN' DAY" but it turns out "TOF REKNIN' DAY"
by Castaspella November 08, 2004
The day when you're finally able to get your hard revenge for being wronged.

Tough Reckoning Day.

Tuff Reckonin' Day.

Tof Reknin Day.
You know that guy who took the parking space I was waiting on? When I get my hands on that guy it'll be a Tof Reknin Day.
by nugget March 16, 2005
the best typo ever, used when in a hurry during a typed conversation.
I'd love to come over TOF REKNIN DAY!
by Bootsie November 09, 2004
Tof Reknin was a highwayman active in Glasgow around 1860. No one else remembers him. We should.
Tof Reknin put in his time like anyone else. But does he get a nice fat ballad written about him. No.
by busmun March 19, 2005
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