His real name is Terrel Owens he is the greatest wide out of all times no other wide out can even come close to being as good as his he is like the Ali of football. Since he knows that he is good and no one can stop him he brags about it and makes his opponets even look weaker. The best part about Terrel is that he plays for the Eagles.
he is the worlds greatest and is a pimp while doing it.
by playa May 06, 2005
Thee most amazing friend in teh world. Gorgeous, awesome, funny, a little dumb sometimes, great sense of fashion, awesome person.
Toes- Tower Of Epic Strength, Tits Of Exceptional Size, Totally Original Extra Special, AKA EMILY NEALY
by Emma Bagshaw January 31, 2009
Something Andrew likes to say a lot.
Andrew: I can't hang out today.
Taylor: Why not?
Andrew: I HAVE TOES!!!
by Itzah C. Kret September 02, 2008
these are the little stubs that come out of your hand. You have five on a hand.
jim had 5 toes but one got cut off.
by where am i? May 08, 2005
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