Abbreviation of "totally oishii", "oishii" being the Japanese word for "delicious". Used primarily in describing food, though it has occasionally been heard being applied to any favorable situation or otherwise cool thing. (Alternatively, the 'T' can be said to stand for "totemo", Japanese for "very".)
This chili is T.O., man. What do you put in it?
by Holly Teacakes July 26, 2006
A man, a myth, a god of the touchdown dance
"Did you see T.O. Ray-Ray dance?
by Derek Jeter November 19, 2004
whens some poop on ones face n licks it up with a vaccum n then takes it from the vaccum eats it then poops it out n the cycle starts again
man u just got toes
by TheUrbanDictionary101 May 29, 2011
A social board on gamefaqs, full name Toaster oven. They don't like being called the new LUE. Some of it's users: Sno, Hooded figure, and some others.
Woah, I thought tha TO was the new LUE!
by Pysks March 09, 2005
ugly things attached to your feet that you always end up stubbing forcing you to swear like a drunken sailor.
feet nibblets,
foot jam makers,
the fingers long lost brother
by n333m August 23, 2004
Real name is Terrell Owens, he is a great WR, who the Eagles should just pay, because he is awesome, a ultimate weapon. he gets many yards after the catch. Better than Randy moss, he is "the god of touchdown dances" and is AWESOME.
Did you see T.O. burn Champ Bailey last week against the Broncos?? Something like 95 yards after the catch!!! Incredible.
by Eagles R my life November 06, 2005
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