The manner in which truly "ghetto" people say something is "ghetto"
"Yo Lauren, those duct tape and cardboard shoes you made are so 'to!'
by Smokey Caboot April 13, 2003
Toronto Ontario Elites
The rest of Canada is sick and tired of the TOEs.
by Micky 2Tone May 22, 2011
Means "the one". Usually referring to a girl you have a crush on.
Hey i saw your T.O, KS in the cafeteria today.
by the jets rockkkk September 27, 2010
Weapon; Gun
"You got your toe's?"
by STA 7 June 15, 2009
Anytime an arrogant person doesn't live up to basic standards despite claiming to be nearly perfect.

Named after wide-receiver Terrel Owens who signed a $25 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys this season and then proceeded to lead the league in the dropped passes category.
James was telling me that I needed to work harder on my TPS reports and be much more like him, but hes the one who can't even get a cover sheet right.

Yeah, he really T.O.'s those reports.
by William Paul January 08, 2007
Wanna be askin' for too much dough. Also, someone who thinks they are better than they really are.
That guy's just a TO, looking for more money than he's worth. I bet he'll be replaced by a rookie like Reggie Brown this year.
by Midniteman21 August 15, 2005
-A boring town where there os pretty much nothing to do. Except Conejo Valley Days and Movieco.
-Half of the people there are stupid jerks or annoying preps. The other half are pretty cool and throw raging parties.
-Its small, truely boring, and wayyy to suburban for my taste.
-It has no culture.
-Most people who live there are stuck there.
-On the good side, however, its only 45 minutes away from magic mountain, and about 2 hours away from disneyland.
-Also, if you do live there, you know almost everybody.
It doesn't really need an example. T.O.
by blablablablablablaablalllaaa November 16, 2009

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