Hardened discs on the tips of the toes that protect the toe. Females like to paint their toenails all different colors.
Samantha painted her toenails red, then she stuck them in my mouth, and I began to suck on them. For the next hour, she made love to me with only her red painted toenails.
by Seth March 26, 2004
Top Definition
while its not really made of skin like the other definitions said, its actually made of keratin, which also makes up your hair and (of course) your fingernails. also, as a side note, keratin is also what makes up rhinoceros horns
teacher: hey, kids, did you know that your toenails are made of magical candy?
gullible child: really?
teacher: no!
by wierd al April 03, 2005
Bob: So this one day, I got really stoned and ran around trying to figure out the meaning of my toenails, man. And I was like: "Toecovers!"
Joe: Dude, get some help.
by Frankie made us do it July 10, 2008
this describes a person who is stuck up someone elses ass, (so far up that all you can only see their toenails)
Person 1: Look he's pure stuck up her hole!
Person 2: Haha, Toenails
by JF-Toenails August 25, 2009
The remnants of a once packed weed pipe, a stale hit
(guy # 1) Is there anything left in that thing?
(guy # 2) Nah I think it's toe nail.
by Brian Couto January 25, 2008
When someone is so far up another person's ass brown noser, all thats left hanging out is their toenails.
Steve is such a toenails.
by Jimmy420 November 13, 2007
a word to describe the act of fucking your mates off for a girl or something not involving your friends
TOENAILS!! steve isn't coming out tonight he is busy toenailing his new girlfriend!
by ben reader May 14, 2007
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