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toefl (Test of English as a Foreign Language). The main purpose is to know how good is ur English
A: I´m takin´the toefl test in 3 weeks, n´i´m so nervous
B: Don´t worry. you´ll do great, just keep practicin´
by gere14//7 September 09, 2010
REAL = Test Of English As A Foreign Language.

Mine = The immediate response in anger/ happiness/ dismay/ praise/ sympathy(Toef)/or insult. Or a random act of speech.
Yo, Toef my brof.

Jimmy: My dog died.
Billy: Oh Toefl, I'm sorry.

I swear, I'm gonna toef you so hard you wont know the difference between a pizza and an alien.

Holy Toefl!!
by Carndizzle February 01, 2007
Tipping over exasperated from laughing.

Can be used as a much more exuberant expression than lol.
He was embarassing himself so much i was toefl.
by londonook September 07, 2007