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the greatest ska band ever. shure the specials were good but.....dude the toasters are just awesome.listen to them and you will agree. duuude they rock. not only that but they just about singlehandedly started the 3rd wave of ska.
im going to get toasted while listening to the toasters
by i am spam!!! June 25, 2004
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The original and greatest American ska band of all time.
Reel Big Fish is nothing compared to the blinding ska power of The Toasters. See, ska power is a play on words for raw power... hehehe
by Rauko April 16, 2004
the very first American ska band, based in N.Y.C.
founders of all that is ska in the U.S.A.

i assume the name come from the term toaster meaning a gun (also gatt, heat, heater, or burner)
some people call us trouble
some people call us tuff
some people call us nasty name
but their girlfriends call us up
cause they want to know the answers
to all these bad thigns that i do
a piece of led right in you head is all if got for you
ska killers, toasters U.S.A.
by C0BEX October 07, 2003
Best ska band of all time. The NYC Ska Pioneers. I have interviewed Buck (the lead singer) and he is a legend.
Dude, me, you, and the Toasters.. It's on!
by Tonyknight May 09, 2005
generally thought of as the first/longest running ska band in the U.S

it is possible that the name originates from the term "toasting" which means to talk or chant over a rhythm or beat and is sometimes used in ska and other african/jamaican music. it could also come from the old slang for gun, OR the literal kitchen appliance.

me: hey, do you have any toasters, the?
store guy: uh, we dont sell kitchen appliences.
me: no, not A toaster. THE toasters.
store guy: oh... no. we only have shitty music. sorry.
me: yeah.

toasters, the
by ghettostarchild August 14, 2007

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