A message board made/opened up on April 1st 2004 on the website GameFAQs. It has gotten and still has a large quantity of traffic and fluorishes today.

Was a very big myth before, and generally was just a joke to talk about it. Many invision boards and the such include a "Toaster Oven" board for social topics. So the popularity it already had before helped in it's activity.

When referred to as a LUE copycat, everybody there gets annoyed, because the board is really unique and how it manages itself. It's a very good social board to hang out at.
"Hey everyone! I've found the Toaster Oven board!!!"

"Liar. "marks""
by wasp2020 December 22, 2004
derogitory term used to describe male reproductive organ
hey bitch, blow my toaster oven!
by Rishi & Bia August 01, 2006

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