Posting it with the homies
Chillin till the end of time without anything getting in the way
Rachel: Ay lets kick it tonight
Maya: Come over so we can chill like we toasted last night
Rachel: Fersure i'll bring a blunt
by chiccalovee May 22, 2011
- The state one gets into when they've done the drug Marijuana.
- Commonly called stoned, baked, burnt, blazed
1. Sammy and Carla walked into math class, red eyed and smelling like shit. They were totally toasted.

2. "Yo man, I'm so toasted now."

by Michelleabelle February 14, 2009
Being high from vaporizing marijuana. The name stems from cooked or "toasted" marijuana removed from a vaporizer after use.
I was getting toasted at my friend's house last night.
by adnantidote November 04, 2015
extremely intoxicated, usually drunk. Often used in small, rather snooty suburban towns to describe drunkenness and the stupidity drunkenness entails.
After one skinny margarita, I was totally toasted.

I was so drunk, all I could think of was cinnamon toasted crunch and pork fried toasted.
by Westport Weekend Woman July 03, 2011
Another term/word for getting high.
"You niggas ready to get toasted."
by BryannaKJO January 20, 2015
to toast. to insult. commonly said after a yo-mamma joke is performed.
Person A (To person B): "I heard your mom likes other women."
Person C (To person B): "Oo. Toasted."
by BallerinaLuver69 October 06, 2009
Toasted (Adj) Excited
Syn: excited
Ant: unexcited
by WINR4R April 29, 2011

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