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A delicious sandwich!!

1. Start by throwing 2 pieces of bread into the toaster
2. Slice up a tomato
3. When toast comes out of toaster spread Miracle Whip Light on both sides of the bread (use alot)
4. put tomato on bread and sprinkle salt on top
5. eat its so fucking good
"I'm going to make a toasted tomato sandwich!!"
by Goostaff The Jew November 20, 2005
quite possibly the most powerfull aphrodesiac known to man, partly because it is so delicious, and partly because it is so easy to make, and partly because it hits the spot when you are high
toast bread
spread mayo on the bread
put tomato slices on bread
add salt to taste
kick ass sandwich
dude, im so gone, lets make like 32 toasted tomato sandwiches!
by the dark wanderer September 29, 2007
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