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a person who is always hungry and can eat a whole pizza in less than 3 minutes.
Me so HONGRY, me named TOAN.
by Anna S Emmons December 07, 2003
1. One who disregards Prom and any other school related social event.

2. An Asian master who can dodge anything.

3. One skilled with a school paper.
"Toan, go to prom!"

"Toan hit me"
by [LL]Mattrix April 23, 2005
A shortAzn kid who is mad strong and likes to beat up smaller kids
Toan just beat up ronnie
by Schmitty February 08, 2005
"TOAN" someone who has an adnormally small penis, mentally deranged, clueless, ugly
While in bed, Toan's girlfriend complained that she did not feel any pleasure because his penis was sooo fucking small.
by cutepeaches November 20, 2006
A name that happens to be bestowed upon the best video game character ever created. He appears only in Dark Cloud for the PS2. He never talks and wears ridiculously amusing clothing.

1) Who me and my friends contantly make fun of.
2) Who made his father run away cuz he came out so ugly.
3) Who gets raped in the face by a fortune teller.
4) Who everyone in the game hits on in one way or another.
5) Someone who I ramble on about because I have no life.
Narci: Dude, they cut Toan out of Dark Cloud 2!
Narci: they're missing out on his epic win
Locura: Toan is full of awesomesauce, but I'm not so sure about epic win. Since I fail to own DC I have not been full dosed with Toan-ness and can only drink his awesomesauce from a distance and therefore may fail to recognize any potential epic win. Scientifically speaking of course.
by Narci, Toan's best friend April 19, 2009
Toan is a Chinese expression used when you don’t make a spare in bowling.
Nice try on that spare….way to “Toan”

“You totally just pulled a “Toan” on that last frame….
by anderson k April 29, 2009

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