a fat man with much of the facial obesity, who works in the AV room and has a special helper who ensures that he is moist enough and doesn't dry out. he also wears braces and is sometimes spotted in asda. his attitude towards humans is not always positive.
we need to go and see the toad to get a camera.
im not giving the toad any of my bithday cake.
by beese June 15, 2006
A "slang" term for flop-a-hops; those little green things that jump that you fry or cut up and bake as an additive to pancakes.
"That toad looks more like a frog."
by minari-naga August 16, 2004
the past tense of tell
I toad you not ta touch my moonshine, now I'm gunnu wup yer ass!
by podankster April 22, 2004
(n) nDMT, n5-Meo-DMT - Psychedelic compounds which occur naturally in hundreds of plants and animals worldwide. The most prominant being Banisteriopsis Cappi, Yopo beans, and certain breeds of tree toad.
"That was some bomb toad."
by meanmidget April 15, 2004
1. short for 'toadstool'- a poisonous fungus with an umbrella-shaped body that is often brightly colored and/or spotted.
2. a poisonous mushroom
moron: What is the Nintendo character Toad and why does he have a mushroom on his head?
me: He's a TOADSTOOL. And he doesn't have a mushroom on his head, he IS a mushroom, you moron.
by Lo Beedle January 27, 2004
A derrogatory term referring to French-speaking Canadians (Quebecoise) that attempts to be a lesser version of the term "frog," which refers to French people.
These pretentious toads are only confusing us tourists with their damn French road signs.
by Anonymous December 04, 2002
-A girl with an abnormally large forehead
Person #1: "She has a huge ass forehead."

Person #2: "I know, she's a toad."
by updating November 01, 2009

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