To the dome can also be used when referring to snorting drugs. The powder goes up your nose, and ultimately, to your dome, or head.
George: Did you eat that oxy?
Frank: Fuck eating it, I took that shit straight to the dome keeeeid!
by Brian Press November 29, 2007
Top Definition
to the dome, literally translates "to the head" dome meaning head.
"he took shots to the dome"
"he took a whole bottle of rum to the dome"
by Bizil July 26, 2005
Not necessarily meaning to drink, but prepositional phrase describing where something goes. In this case, 'to the dome' means 'to his/her/it's head'.

The 'dome' is one's head.
I capped him in the dome.
I punched him in the dome.
He took a brick to the dome.
You have a chrome dome.
by WrathS July 26, 2005
1. finish a bottle of alcohol to yourself.
2. smoke a joint/blunt to yourself.
3. swallow semen or have it ejaculated on your face.
"She took it to the dome!"
by nattybear November 28, 2007
The right definition for this phrase is to take something seriously.
I told that hoe she was ugly and she took it to the dome.
by Mr420 February 28, 2012
Synonym of 'to the head' or 'to the face'.

In Magic: the Gathering, to damage an opposing player, especially with a direct damage spell.
"You have no creatures, so I guess I'll send my Lightning Bolt to the dome."
by Darklight July 26, 2005
To get hit in the head by a blunt object or projectile of some sort.
Holy shit d00d, that guy just took a brick to the dome.

Or in the words of Sir Mix A Lot: "Point the gauge at your dome, and take it out."
by Prezident July 26, 2005
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