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to put the blame on blacks for their music
example of "to blame hip hop:"

Friend- Man, what the hell is wrong with you bro! When we were kids we would never do shit like that! Now look at you, son! All you've been doing is smoking weed!

Druggie:Fool, you need to relax alright brotha. At least my ass aint in jail.

(3 weeks later, druggie is in jail; his friend visits him)

Friend-you dumb fuck

Druggie- i blame hip hop for this shit, dawg

(background story to understand it more: before the druggie was a pothead he was an A student in his class and was always hidden away from negative influences in his life by his parents but as he grew up they "let the chain loosen up" so he learned about the "cool" stuff that teens liked and that is when he heard about hip hop)
by Rocket235 March 04, 2009
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