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Stands for tyler mother fuckin jones, captain of thizz. One gnarly motha fucka who eats his brotein every day, and pops his bro-hormone pillz at home. A tmfj enjoys phat bro chillz with his fellow bros. He will also thizz/toke/drank evry weekend or everyday, depending on how gnarly he is feeling. He's basicaly the man, on a whole different level then normal humans.
Wow, that kid is gnarly as shit, I mean look at his thizz face, it must be TMFJ.
by phuqenlegittttbro April 05, 2010
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Ty Mo Fo Jo

Meaning the mother f-ing johnson. having an abnormal amount of game. being of the highest quality. like a fine wine. extremely fast ep3. the fastest. as in 10 second ep3. also see ep3. The ty!
Was that 9.9 at 147 mph, must have been tmfj!
by vernacular May 02, 2006
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