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Too Much Fucking Information - may be related to the act of fucking or may be simply an explicative to increase the sense of urgency.
I didn't want to hear about their date, it was TMFI. TMI, TMoI
by jmacofearth April 14, 2011
Too much fucking information
sexiikid41: can i masterbate 2 ur pic?

2hot4ya251: ew.
but if you do, DON'T tell me
by sexiikid41 July 10, 2008
too much fucking informatin
i was with a girl last night that had a bad yeast infection and i still went down on her. response tmfi.
by raul January 16, 2003
Too much fucking information.
: I just sneezed!
- I know
:snot just went everywhere and there still a massive bogey somewhere in there...
- Wow! TMFI!
by necromorphian November 16, 2011