It means you agree with something sex-related.
"Man, I'd "hippo" her "potamus"!" "Oh, titto."
by Robert Del Fonté December 18, 2007
Top Definition
Attractively shaped breasts, particularly very large ones.
an attractive woman with DDs (and up) walks by.

You, to friend: "Dude, tittos."
by Annihilationscape January 21, 2009
Another word for the teet, and also a defiling name for a fat person.
"The Titto(s), descended past her waist and slapped against her knees whenever she walked. "

"Go suck your mom's teet, Titto!!"
by that_guy, November 11, 2010
Is the Confirmation of several facts. In so far as ditto is the confirmation of one fact.
She says:" I love you, I need you I want you."

He says:" Titto! "
by RC and Jeanette May 16, 2011

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