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when the titties freeze up and become into popsicles DICKs
i got titsicles for lunch
by HAHAAMITSGAY June 19, 2010
nipples that are hard due to cold
I walked outside without a jacket and got instant titsicles.
by aznravinrobin October 30, 2005
a skinny chick with a ginormous, probably fake, rack
That Posh Spice is a real titsicle.
by Princess PIA March 31, 2009
Tits so succulent you can eat them.
Brydon Woah did you see hal's moms tit-sicles?

PJ See em? i sucked em!
by HalYurAznPal November 10, 2007
a scrotum with nipples
shut your white ass up titsicles
by Chadbr0chill17 December 13, 2007