A person who drives an Audi tt. Generally metrosexual business men or overly style concious men. They can not be driven without sun glasses and a "Nicky Clarke Haircut" .They are considered as being slighty gay by real car enthusiast. However, if they are driven my a female they are considered cool and very stylish provided her hair is straightend with GHDs and oversized designer sunglasses. They cars are quite fast but this is only to make up all the time waisted by the driver getting ready to make an appearance.
"look at dat titi" or "stop plaiting your ear hair, you titi!!"
by Nismoylan SR22 May 18, 2008
Top Definition
filipino word for dick
patingin ng titi mo(can i see your dick)
by piloy September 03, 2003
(noun)Penis, dick or cock.
Ang tigas ng TITI ng tatay ni Tito Tirso.

Uncle Tirso's father has a hard DICK.
by The Nur November 20, 2003
penis or dick in tagalog (filipino)
taka titi
Joseph has a really small titi
by JackChris May 14, 2005
Aunt or Tia. Word used in Puerto Rico.
person 1:Have you met Titi Daly?

person 2: Who?
Person 1: My aunt Daly.
by educate yourself February 18, 2010
The state of being tired to the point that one can no longer pronounce the word "tired".
I'm so ti-ti, let's go to bed.
by Jarad & Angie July 16, 2008
(adj.) - Originally created by Raspo. It means that someone is very, very tired.
Raspo to ti ti, so Raspo sleepah.
by Raspo April 26, 2004
Filipino bread legend that doesnt melt. Super delicious that all of boys can eat. So fluffy with a brown topping and its more delicious when its more bigger and firm. It is better to eat at night and when in a dark place.
Nonoy: Can i eat your titi?
Nenechicanauno: COME TO PAPA!!!
by Mckoy Palabakoy August 10, 2014

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