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the dirt underneath the breast on manboob, to contain dirt in ur breast area, saying used by tourettes guy, founded in 2008 by the blackest mofucka alive J.B aka Kobe
titdirt-the dirt around the breast
by Blackest mofucka alive March 10, 2008
7 6
(n.) A mysterious form of dust that is attracted by sweat on a person with severe Tourette's Syndrome around the abdomen and chest regions of the body.
Son: Dad, is that a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt?
Dad: The fuck you talkin' about?
Son: (Pointing)There's his ears there, his ears, and there's his face!
Dad: That's not Mickey Mouse, that's just TIT DIRT!
by EdWaRdW818 June 24, 2006
468 195
sweat from the breasts that cause the front of your shirt to become damp and show through the front of your shirt.
Alysha just came from the gym and you could see her tit dirt for a mile away.
by nerd bomber September 25, 2008
54 23
A sweat stain on the front side of a t-shirt on the chest and stomach area that curiously resembles the head of Mickey Mouse.
Son - "Dad, is that a Mickey Mouse shirt you are wearing?"
Dad - "That's not Mickey Mouse, THATS JUST TIT DIRT!!"
----See Tourettes Guy (youtube)-----
by Peeyimp85 March 07, 2010
54 27
when u get dirt all over ur tits
son:dad is that a mickey mouse t shirt?
dad:thats not mickey mouse that's just titdirt!
by macaroni salad January 29, 2009
10 2
a phrase that can be used to explain negativeness
Bob: " wow that job was harder than tit dirt."
by BIZZLE55 June 24, 2010
18 29