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An overly dependent person, who is excessively needy and relies upon continued support from those around him. Much like a baby who must be sustained from his mother's breast, this person lacks the means to independently nurture and care for himself.
"Jay was nothing more than a 28-year old titbaby, who still lived off his parent's good graces and had his girlfriend wait on him hand and foot."
by Wilhelm Frederico May 06, 2008
5 0
Someone who whines and complains about stuff. Often sounding like a child.
Eric says "why do we always have to take my car?" and Bob would respond "stop being a tit baby and drive"
by Sir Trogdor March 05, 2007
35 20
A member a family of bitchy idiots, who have been known to suck on the teet of life.
Dickie doesn't know anything, and whines all the time, he is a "tit baby." His brother Nick is also a "tit baby."
by Phil Car-Roll June 15, 2010
14 4
Someone who deletes their ex-girlfriends friends from their MySpace page after a break-up.
Ryan deleted Jamie from his MySpace page because Jodi broke up with him. Ryan is a "Tit Baby".
by Jodi's friend December 22, 2006
7 22