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for a girl to be all over a guy, or obsessed with him.
you go to a club and a girl is dancing on one guy and wont leave him alone, he can say "hey, that chick is totally tippin on my dick."
by jesus ! June 16, 2010
the way in which a girl is overly agressive in her flirtatious ambitions of a highly attractive boy.
"Goddamn, that old waitress was totally tippin' on my dick, offering me refills left and right. You should have seen my girlfriend's face."
by indierokker January 01, 2010
When you place a top hat on a penis and it tips to the side.
Dude, I was high class last night, I was tippin on my dick.
by herropreaserobby March 13, 2010
A way to tip a waiter or waitress by placing money on your penis and presenting it to said water/waitress.
Friend: "Did you tip the waiter"
You: "Not yet, but I'll be tippin on my dick."
by totallynotyou_:) April 08, 2010
getting your dick sucked by some gross black slut.
yo that fat ass bitch was tippin on my dick
by edo.gboston June 01, 2009
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