Tom's penis.
"Oh, but its like a tuna can, man....Eh man, smells a 'tiny' bit like oregano, man!"
by Spanky MacKockleberry November 05, 2008
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The nickname of 6'8" 350lb mobster found in every prison, who has been convicted for a string of violent crimes. Usually, tiny is muscle for someone else, due to a low mental capacity and uneasiness about his size. Quite well-endowed, tiny will seek to butt-fuck people smaller than him. Tiny is the white version of Big Bubba.
Tiny is scary, but stupid.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
Not Big
Itty Bitty
Tinsy Weensy
Holy Shit! What the hell is that tiny thing between your legs?! What the fuck did we do to it?!
by Blonde_Goddess91 June 19, 2003
A really huge dude. Impsing in stature, but exceptionally caring and gentle. Highly intelligent and skillfull and helpful. A Beast. known for occassionally picking up grown men with one hand and nearly tossing them out the door because they almost swung at his friend. (sometimes causing mysterious brown stains on the back of pants that the victims clam were from being rubbed against the 10 foot ceiling.) A lover. A lover of Tom Petty. Often protective of friends and frightening when angered. women often feel possesive toward him, though fear being broken in half by his massiveness.
Ill use my chi on you Tiny! AHHH! What am I gonna do! I just ripped my pinky off on your jawbone! take me to the hospital. (Tiny fixes finger)
by Thebadassmanhimself June 22, 2011
A pretty girl from Austria with a great sense of humor. All the guys want to sleep with her because of her great body. Also, she's probably good in bed. If she doesn't like you she will bully you into depression but if she does like you, you've found yourself a friend for life!
"Damn, that Tiny is gorgeous, do you think I have a chance with her?"
"Don't get your hopes up, she has a lot of guys to chose from!"
by Deinemuddarockt February 09, 2015

not big.

Nickname: someone who is small & cute. Usually really smart, name is usually tynaz. someone who is really really pretty & everybody dreams with being with her
see also; Tmoney , GeGe, LuLu
Person1: That Girls Is Incredibly Tiny

Person 2: Duhh That's Why Her Name Is Tiny
by Brain55 November 18, 2013
A big silly sumbitch in Annapolis Maryland who enjoys fuckin up your christmas, pissin in your cheerios, and for all intents and purposes enjoys having a good time while being the most lovable asshole alive.
"Tiny you're an asshole..." "Yea, I know. But it's why you love me"
by tinyism February 15, 2009
A very secretive person, from the Russian "tayny" which sounds similar except for the second "y" which is an "ih" sound not found in English, produced in the back of the throat. "Tayny" means "secrets".
Here comes Tiny. She never reveals anything about the hell is she going to go for a job interview?
by pentozali June 05, 2013

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