when gray hair starts to creep into the hair on your head.
I got a haircut the other day to take out some of the tinsel.
by freq May 18, 2007
Top Definition
The little gold stringy things you put on your christmas tree.
Hang that gold tinsel on the other side.
by Big AL September 26, 2003
noun; unwanted manscape trimmings.
verb; to tinsel is to transfer unwanted manscape trimmings onto another during relations, as if to put tinsel on a christmas tree.
OMG, Peter didn't shower after manscaping and totally tinseled me. It killed the moment....

And itched.
by KatCarMan December 05, 2008
The Christmas adjective used as a supplement for cool, sick, or awesome. States great feelings toward an object or individual. It is considered a great complement and is only to be used by those worthy enough for it.
Christmas movies are tinsel, especially Elf.

Will Ferrell is tinsel.

If you're good enough to use this word, you're pretty tinsel.
by quotabletutors46 December 20, 2010
Cheap jewelry. Fake "bling". Quarter machine specials....
"that chics ring was totally tinsel"
by Joebo July 11, 2005
Worthless, wretched, useless, pointless. Derived from the silver, metallic strands that are strewn about during the holiday season; which are completely pointless and horribly messy. Used to describe someone's/thing's behaviour and/or actions.
"Did you see whast the boss was doing? He was totally organizing the damaged merchandise."-Employee 1
"Yeah, he's such a tool."-Employee 2
"He's very tinsel."-Employee 1
by Billy the Bully February 13, 2009
Tinsel is another word to describe a situation as being cool or amazing. Ergo "this is so Tinsel". It can also be used to describe anything as being cool or amazing. "You are so Tinsel".
"This is so Tinsel". "You are so Tinsel."
by PeaceFro August 19, 2012
Something sparkling or showy but basically valueless. Gaudy, showy, and basically blong.
~Didya see that thang on her finger?
~Tinsel. I bet her piece got it from a quarter machine, and said "Baby I got you this dyemond.
by gRiTa July 07, 2005

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