one of the most amazing people in the whole entire world,gorgeous , cutie, funny, lovable, shy yet cool,weird and random very unpredictable at all times. very tremendous. is there when one needs to talk to someone-loves to give advice and is very nice . likes to talk about whatever comes into her strange mind. tinny's have trouble showing their feelings, and take sometime to warm up to new people. They don't trust easily They need someone who will listen to them and give their honest opinion. loves to hang around her family and friends and always has people who she can depend on. If there is something tinny hates, its.. 2 faced bitches!!!!! She is not a afraid for a challenge and is very brave! They know how to get what they want.
by foxy101 October 08, 2011
The art of making small holes in a tin with a earring or knife when in parks to smoke weed out of can with no conepiece or hose required....South australia Rep :D
We were sitting in the park the other day, matt had weed but no1 had a conepiece, the city boys jumped in to make a tinnies from a coke can so everyone could get stoned together in public
by October 29, 2008
noun; The mating ritual between a hormonally whacked Danny Elfman and a presenting Tim Burton. Any fanfiction that depicts Tim Burton and Danny Elfman in a relationship. Usually involves sex.
My guilty pleasure is reading Tinny fanfic.
by Elfmaniac October 11, 2006
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