Description for a Person with a small dick and a fucking hairdo. Shortly its another meaning for gay.

Shut up Tingel-Tangel or
Shut up Tingel

fudge your hairs Tingel-Tangel or
fudge your hairs Tingel
by Jigga May 01, 2003
Top Definition
similar to the character's insanity of "the simpsons", tingeltangel/sideshow bob.

could be used as an adjective, describing one persons incapabilitiy of sticking to his own, once set values.
when someone keeps going back and forth within his actions, not knowing what he really wants.
primarily put in front of a male name and cynical used by women.
hey, what's up tingel tangel joe? not much, heh.

i am so done with your tingel tangel, mike.

go and play with yourself, tingel tangel dave.
by la halla January 25, 2007
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