A kunoichi who worships Killua-sama.
Tingting owns a kitty name robbie.
by Killuazoldyck April 10, 2005
which is also Mandarin term for a "band stand"
Ting ting, www. thetingtings. com
by leo_c5pk September 17, 2008
something really good, used when backing people up
*someone hits someone*
'yeah mate! ting ting!'
by Squidgey December 28, 2007
a small dick
Last night was amazing, but would of been better if my boyfriend didn't have such a ting ting.
by THIS IS AN OUTRAGE April 04, 2010
The wonderful male sex organ.
Ting Ting! (often said by toddlers and grown men alike as they play with their peinis.

Ting Ting!!! (Said when things get of a guy: for example creating a large explosion might make a guy go Ting Ting!)
by Oxytoxin September 24, 2008
One who is a punk bitch and mostly useless. Very irritating and has a cum-dumpster attitude. Very whore-like and unlikeable by all. Completely and utterly useless to all. Not one positive use at all.
"I totally saw a Ting Ting last night at the club man, just sitting there being utterly useless."

"It must be an embarrassment to be a Ting Ting"
by STFU721721 May 24, 2009
A Hindu or anything that realtes to Hindus and their cultures.
The Hindus sing Ting ting music.
by Jojo November 29, 2003
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