short for beating. used most often in Magic:TG. Also, a lucky win.
"Every time you mise the ting, an angel gets its wings"
by Pinto July 23, 2004
making someone look at or
I tinged him good. His eyes burst and he cried tears of blood after seeing that shit.
by Bonertown January 28, 2003
Either a word for 'thing' or an expression for having pulled someone
yeh, i tinged sarah last night
by Pheebs October 22, 2003
to have shivers run up your back, or get a big rush
Yo how ting is this shit?
by negro_C January 17, 2006
To have anal sex...or, sex in the poopah.
Last night she actually let me ting her. We were tingin last night
by Kyle B. February 21, 2004
1) Sexual intercourse of the back door variety. i.e. to put it in the pooper
O her? she's a tinger.

Q: Anyone seen Dick and Sally?
A: Their probably off somewhere tingin.
by Brian Pyne February 19, 2004
the white line is the ting
have you got the ting !
by sam June 23, 2004

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