More so tinged, brought on by a very drunk friend. To be extremely intoxicated and/or belligerent.
Dam Joe you were tinged up last night.
by skurto July 07, 2003
etym: Magic: the Gathering slang; originally beating, then b-ting, then finally just ting

1. n. A defeat, particularly a bad one.
2. v. to soundly defeat an opponent
3. An exclamation of joy, or anticipation of good things.
1. Man, those were some svg tings.
2. That guy was terrible. I tinged him.
3. That's just what I need! Ting!
by Darklight April 08, 2005
short for beating. used most often in Magic:TG. Also, a lucky win.
"Every time you mise the ting, an angel gets its wings"
by Pinto July 23, 2004
making someone look at or
I tinged him good. His eyes burst and he cried tears of blood after seeing that shit.
by Bonertown January 28, 2003
Either a word for 'thing' or an expression for having pulled someone
yeh, i tinged sarah last night
by Pheebs October 22, 2003
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